Human hair wigs have their advantages over synthetic wigs. For one, human hair wigs have less of an ability to tangle than synthetic wigs and can be brushed carefully while it’s on your head.  Synthetic wigs must often be styled on the mould and then put on your head because they can’t be treated as real hair wigs.  Human hair wigs also look more realistic than synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs have a sheen to them that makes them look unnatural.

The trick to real hair wigs is to get a wig with the cuticle attached and with the hair all going the same way.  The hair often comes from India or China and the hair colour is lifted to make a real hair wig of any colour.  You can buy a black wig, a blonde wig, an Afro wig or a brown wig.  You can buy human hair wigs to match your own regular colour or get a new, exciting colour that you’ve never had before.  If you have drab brown hair, you can get a blonde wig, for example, to make you look younger and more hip.  You can buy an alluring black wig to look completely different from your normal look. 
The other advantage of human hair wigs is that they can be styled easily with a curling iron or straightener.  Human hair won’t burn or get ruined by the heat involved in this kind of styling, while synthetic hair wigs can melt under the wrong circumstances.  Human hair wigs should be washed gently with shampoo, conditioned with a conditioner and given a detangler before combing and styling the hair in order to give it the longest life and the best shine. 
Real hair wigs can come as lace front wigs or full lace wigs. These are very realistic wigs that have a piece of lace sewn onto the front, or all around the wig in the case of the full lace wig, and the lace has strands of hair coming out of it.  When the full lace wigs or lace front wigs are bonded on the scalp, the lace blends in. The hair looks as though it is coming directly out of the head and looks like real hair. Wigs like this are very expensive. This is particularly true of full lace wigs that can be put into a pony tail or bun.  Front lace wigs only have hair along the forehead and along the front sides of the scalp to about the ear.

High quality wigs are sewn by hand at factories with a lot of workers sewing wefts of human hair into the netting that is shaped and pre-measured to it your head.  You can send in your measurements and high quality wigs can be made to order that fit perfectly and don’t look unnatural.  You can even send in a hair colour swatch so that your high quality wigs can be done as a blonde wig, a black wig or even an Afro wig, depending on what you want.  High quality wigs can cost in the range of $400 to even $1500 US dollars depending upon what you are looking for in high quality wigs.  Your wig can be very long but long wigs will cost you more than short wigs
Hair pieces for men are often made of human hair and are cheaper than women’s long wigs.  They can cover just a part of the head and cover bald spots, matching with the rest of the man’s hair for a realistic touch.  Hair pieces are made in much the same way as regular wigs but some don’t look very realistic.

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